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Best Wood pellets from Ukraine

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Quality wood pellets from oak, spruce , pine and beech woods
High quality wood pellets for industrial power and home heatings
Quality : din+ quality
Materials :pure pine wood
Moisture : 8%max
Calorie :4200-4800 mj/kg
Ash :0.5% -0.6%max
Shape :stick
Color :light yellow/brown
Diameter : 6mm-8mm
Length : 15mm-30mm
Inner density :1100-1300kg/m3 min
Bulk density : 792kg/m3 min
Package :15kg plasctic  bags or big bag.


Hydrogen (dry basis) (% of weight): 6.12
Nitrogen (dry basis) (% of weight): 0.07
Oxygen (dry basis) (% of weight): 42.69
Carban (dry basis) (% of weight): 50.52
Sulphur (dry basis) (5 of weight): 0.01 

Contry: Ukraine
City: Kirovograd Oblast
Languages: English, Russian

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Submitted: Sun-22-2018 Updated: Sun-22-2018 Views: 399

Photo - Best Wood pellets from Ukraine

 Kirovograd Oblast - Best Wood pellets from Ukraine

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