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Wood pellet portal

The portal of wood pellets suppliers from Ukraine was created to support producers and exporters of pellets (fuel pellets) and briquettes. Here you can find the latest selling and buying leads on wood pellets, agripellets, briquettes.

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Wood pellet suppliers

European companies can find reliable wood pellet suppliers from Ukraine.

wood pellets din plus/bbq charcoal Odessa

Our wood pellet is one of the best pellet sent in Europe especially in Italy as it's with high quality (white and without any metal adds also it&#..
Vinnitsa Hardwood charcoal GOST 7657-84 mark A

Hardwood charcoal GOST 7657-84 mark A Vinnitsa

Our company is a manufacturer of charcoal (GOST 7657-84 mark A “Сharcoal”) from the hardwoods of Ukraine (oak, hornbeam, ash) and we can ..

Verkauf von Pellets DIN Nikopol

Verkauf von Pellets DIN + nur für den Export FCA, DDU. Wir sind ukrainischen Hersteller produziert und exportiert aus Hartholz Pellets. Wir biet..
Rovno  briquettes RUF

briquettes RUF Rovno

Our company makes briquettes RUF up to 200 tons per month. The cost of RUF briquettes – 95 EUR per tonne, price FCA Ukraine, Rivne. Will ship in..
Kiev Wood pellets European standard Din PLUS

Wood pellets European standard Din PLUS Kiev

We'd like to introduce our Ukrainian company. We are ready to send a huge number of pallets abroad. A quality of our product is higher than Europe..
Kiev Wood briquettes Pini Key

Wood briquettes Pini Key Kiev

Briquettes Pini Key made of: hornbeam, alder, aspen, birch and 30% pine. Pack Big-Bag and sacks. Ash 0.9%
Kiev Wood briquettes Nestro

Wood briquettes Nestro Kiev

Briquettes Nesrto made of: hornbeam, alder, aspen, birch, oak without bark! Pack Big-Bag and sacks. Ash 0.75%