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Wood pellet portal

The portal of wood pellets suppliers from Ukraine was created to support producers and exporters of pellets (fuel pellets) and briquettes. Here you can find the latest selling and buying leads on wood pellets, agripellets, briquettes.

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Wood pellet suppliers

European companies can find reliable wood pellet suppliers from Ukraine.

Wood pellets buying, big bags and 15 kg bags Kiev

Our company is  interested in buying wood pellets from manufacturer. Big bag and 15 kg bags packing. Provide form of payment and cost.
Kiev Offering pellets from husk sunflower

Offering pellets from husk sunflower Kiev

We can provide supply of sunflower husk pellets. To calculate the cost of pellets with delivery, we need to know the volume you need and the address o..
Kharkov Wood pellet in 15 kg bags, up to 500t a month, EXW

Wood pellet in 15 kg bags, up to 500t a month, EXW Kharkov

We sell wood pellets of our own production.In your request please inform us the status of Your company, the requirements for the pellet:   ..

Buying wood pellets 500t Kiev

We are ready to buy wood pellets in the amount of 500t. The price will depend on the quality of the pellets.
Korosten Wood pellets from pine

Wood pellets from pine Korosten

We offer wood pellets. As a raw material we use only sawdust from dry pine, which we saw on our own sawmill.
Korosten Wood pellets 6mm 300t a month

Wood pellets 6mm 300t a month Korosten

We can offer wood pellets 6mm in the amount of 300t a month.

Interested in wood pellets 8 mm, 15 kg bags and big bags Kolomyia

Interested in wood pellet 8mm from the Manufacturer. You can send us the certificate, and the place of loading, as well as the price for pellets in Bi..