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Biofuel events


 #  Title Date
1 Straw pellets for sell from manufacturer in Ukraine  Wed-02-2019
2 Big volumes of straw pellets  Tue-23-2019
3 Selling Miscunthus pellets  Mon-18-2019
4 Able to supply straw pellets from Ukraine and Russia  Tue-19-2019
5 Pellets for animal bedding (100% straw) from Ukraine  Mon-04-2019
6 Straw pellets 8 mm and milled straw pellets  Wed-23-2019
7 Producing straw pellets in large quantity  Wed-09-2019
8 Straw pellets 450 tons per month  Sat-29-2018
9 Straw pellets 300-400t a month in big bags  Fri-28-2018
10 Straw pellets from Ukraine  Wed-19-2018

Peat pellets

 #  Title Date
1 Sell peat briquettes  Thu-24-2015
2 Peat (granulated) fuel Pellets  Thu-02-2015
3 Peat fuel Pellets  Mon-30-2015
4 Interested in buying peat pellets  Tue-01-2014
5 Peat briquettes  Mon-23-2014
6 Milled peat  Tue-25-2014
7 Interested in purchasing pellets for export  Fri-30-2012
8 Export of peat pellets  Fri-09-2012
9 Peat pellets 8 mm for sale  Fri-09-2012
10 A company sells agricultural peat  Wed-17-2012

Wood pellets

 #  Title Date
1 Interested to buy wood pellets to Samsun  Wed-09-2019
2 Pellets from Ukrainian producer, FCA  Mon-30-2019
3 Looking for 6mm good quality pellet with delivery to Poland  Thu-26-2019
4 Pine pellets for sale, SGS+FSC  Mon-23-2019
5 Buying wood pellets in small bags 15 kg  Thu-12-2019
6 Wood pellets 6, 8 mm  Tue-10-2019
7 Purchasing wood pellets to Finland, Turku  Mon-09-2019
8 Wood Pellets A1 grade needed  Mon-09-2019
9 Purchasing wood pellets DAP Warsaw  Fri-06-2019
10 Wood pellets from the manufacturer (Ukraine)  Thu-05-2019

Husk sunflower pellets

 #  Title Date
1 Wood pellets purchase to Bucharest  Mon-07-2019
2 Looking to import sunflower pellets for poultry feed  Wed-14-2019
3 Husk sunflower pellets from producer, Ukraine  Fri-14-2019
4 Husk sunflower pellets of Ukrainian origin  Wed-24-2019
5 Sunflower husk pellets, 100-2500 mt  Mon-22-2019
6 Able to supply sunflower husk pellets  Mon-01-2019
7 Offering sunflower husk pellets  Thu-21-2019
8 Husk pellets of Ukrainian origin  Sat-02-2019
9 Able to supply husk sunflower pellets from Ukraine and Russia  Tue-19-2019
10 Buy Husk Sunflower Pellets  Tue-12-2019

Sawdust briquettes

 #  Title Date
1 Nestro briquettes supplier  Tue-15-2019
2 Coniferous NESTRO wood briquettes  Tue-08-2019
3 Supplying Ukrainian wood briquettes Nestro  Tue-24-2019
4 RUF wood briquettes from Ukraine  Tue-24-2019
5 Purchasing wood briquettes for Latvia  Wed-18-2019
6 Nestro briquettes from the leading trader  Wed-11-2019
7 RUF briquettes from the leading trader  Wed-11-2019
8 Pini-kay briquettes from the leading trader  Mon-02-2019
9 Supply of RUF Briquettes  Sat-31-2019
10 Coniferous wood briquettes needed  Wed-31-2019

Lignin briquettes

 #  Title Date
1 Briquettes of hydrolysis lignin  Sun-24-2016
2 Selling briquettes from lignin  Tue-08-2015
3 Interested in lignin briquettes  Wed-02-2014
4 The company offers fuel briquettes  Fri-07-2012

Husk sunflower briquettes

 #  Title Date
1 Sunflower husk briquettes from Ukraine  Tue-20-2019
2 Sunflower husk briquettes from manufacturer for sale, Ukraine  Mon-19-2018
3 Factory-direct selling of husk briquettes, Kryvoe Ozero, Ukraine  Fri-26-2018
4 Buying briquettes from husk sunflower  Mon-02-2018
5 Husk sunflower briquettes needed  Sat-31-2018
6 Husk sunflower briquettes at good price  Tue-23-2018
7 Briquettes from husks offer  Mon-11-2017
8 Purchase of sunflower briquettes RUF retail  Fri-20-2017
9 Sell sunflower briquettes  Tue-19-2016
10 Sell sunflower pellets - up to 500 tons per month  Wed-09-2015

Straw briquettes

 #  Title Date
1 Straw Briquettes produced in Ukraine  Mon-06-2016
2 A company is interested in buying straw briquettes  Tue-01-2014
3 A manufacturer sells flax briquettes  Tue-29-2014
4 Selling straw briquettes  Fri-07-2012
5 Producer sells straw briquettes  Fri-07-2012
6 Interested in purchasing straw briquettes  Thu-29-2012
7 Need to sell straw briquettes Nestro  Thu-08-2012
8 Straw briquettes on EXW terms  Thu-08-2012
9 Searching for suppliers of straw briquettes  Wed-21-2012
10 Searching for suppliers of straw briquettes  Sun-18-2012

Peat briquettes

 #  Title Date
1 Purchase of peat briquettes  Tue-05-2018
2 Purchase of 10kg peat briquettes  Sun-18-2018
3 Sell peat briquettes  Mon-15-2018
4 Peat briquettes from Ukraine  Wed-13-2017
5 Peat briquettes 25 000 tons a year  Wed-05-2017
6 Peat briquettes - 5000 МT per year  Thu-08-2017
7 Peat briquettes from Rivne region  Thu-11-2017
8 Purchase of 6 tons of peat briquettes  Wed-04-2017
9 Purchase of 15 tons of peat briquettes  Wed-28-2016
10 Sell Peat Briquettes  Mon-29-2016

Charcoal briquettes

 #  Title Date
1 Hardwood charcoal of Ukrainian origin  Wed-18-2018
2 Charcoal briquettes, FCA  Fri-13-2018
3 Sawdust Charcoal Pini Key Briquettes  Wed-23-2018
4 Charcoal briquettes from mixed breeds of trees  Tue-22-2018
5 Charcoal from Pini Kay briquettes  Thu-03-2018
6 Manufacturer of charcoal briquettes EXW, FCA  Wed-21-2018
7 Offer for charcoal  Sun-18-2018
8 Offer for birch charcoal  Sun-18-2018
9 Charcoal briquettes (oak)  Mon-25-2016
10 Сharcoal from pini-kay briquettes  Thu-07-2016

Coal briquettes

 #  Title Date
1 Charcoal briquettes from oak sawdust  Thu-04-2019
2 Purchase of fuel peat briquettes  Fri-20-2017
3 Charcoal products for sale  Wed-27-2016
4 Оffer briquettes from brown coal  Wed-25-2015
5 Brown coal briquettes  Wed-13-2013
6 Brown coal offered  Wed-13-2013
7 Produce and offer coal briquettes  Fri-07-2012
8 A company produces and sells high quality coal briquettes  Wed-24-2012
9 Selling charcoal briquettes  Wed-30-2011
10 Coal and coke briquettes  Wed-15-2009


 #  Title Date
1 Hardwood charcoal from Ukraine  Fri-11-2019
2 Quebracho Charcoal from Neighbouring Countries  Tue-24-2019
3 Charcoal manufacturer from Ukraine  Thu-05-2019
4 OAK Charcoal needed to Korea  Sun-07-2019
5 BBQ Lump hardwood oak and beech and lemon charcoal  Wed-05-2019
6 Charcoal 25 mt  Sun-02-2019
7 Able to supply charcoal  Mon-06-2019
8 Charcoal offer from Ukraine  Mon-14-2019
9 2 trucks of charcoal from Ukraine, weekly  Tue-08-2019
10 Ukrainian producer offers charcoal for export  Mon-19-2018