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Brown coal briquettes

Our company, offers lignite briquettes. Compared to traditional domestic fuels, lignite briquettes have a number of advantages, such as:

- High mechanical resistance, which is essential for long distance transportation and multiple overloads;

- Resistance to weather conditions and spontaneous combustion during storage;

- Higher caloric value compared to coal used in production and environmental safety;

- Easy ignition, and two to three times less need for ignition materials;

- Comfort in usage;

- Convenience in transportation.

The Company offers brown coal briquettes with the following characteristics:

Name Ash, % Moisture, % Sulphur, % Volatile Matter, % Net CV, kkal/kg Gross CV, kkal/kg Price per 1 MT, UAH, FCA
Brown Coal Briquette 24,9 21,6 2,90 61,9 3076 5741 600


Briquette size: cylinder 50-100 mm, diameter of 50 mm. Briquette is made of Oleksandriya deposit brown coal.

All deliveries are performed from a warehouse in Oleksandriya.


Terms of delivery:

Production Capacity 600 MT per month
Packaging 30-kg bags
Payment Terms 100% prepayment


Contry: Ukraine
City: Kiev, Ukraine
Languages: English, Russian

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Photo - Brown coal briquettes

 Kiev, Ukraine - Brown coal briquettes

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