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Many biomass manufacturing residuals is carbon neutral

Fri-12-2015 Many biomass manufacturing residuals is carbon neutral

Donna Harman, President and CEO, AF&PA:“EPA has noted that energy from many biomass manufacturing residuals is carbon neutral. As most of the renewable energy paper manufacturers use comes from these residuals, it’s important to us that the agency fully recognize their benefits, which include fossil fuel displacement and avoidance of additional greenhouse gases that would occur from alternative disposal.” Robert Glowinski, President and CEO, AWC:“In order for the framework to work as intended, it must be based on robust data and sound science that can be consistently applied across greenhouse gas policies and regulations. It’s also crucial the framework be easy to implement, workable in practice, predictable and transparent.”

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-many-biomass-manufacturing-residuals-is-47.html

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