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Peat briquettes Ukraine

Peat briquettes used as a high-quality fuel

Сalorific value of not less than 3500 kcal / kg, the limit of 5600 kcal / kg

 Ash content: 12-17%

 Combustion - 5-14ch.

Peat briquettes has a stable organic composition and contain a small amount of harmful impurities. Formed by the combustion of briquettes flue gases contain virtually no environmentally harmful substances, and peat ash is similar to wood. Ash obtained from the burning of peat briquettes is used as an effective lime and phosphorus fertilizer.

Really high calorific value;

- Almost complete combustion of briquettes without a trace;

- Long smooth combustion;

- High bulk density;

- The minimum number of fire when burning.

Contry: Ukraine
City: Odessa
Languages: English, Russian

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Photo - Peat briquettes

Odessa - Peat briquettes

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