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Sell sunflower briquettes Ukraine

Our company is the expansion of the production of briquettes (sunflower husk) offers cooperation. We are interested in building long-term and mutually beneficial alliances.

The quality of our products you will be able to assess the following parameters:
- Sunflower husk briquettes;
- Diameter - 6 sm,
- Length - 7-17 sm;
- The ash content - 2.9%
- Calorific value of at least 19.8 MJ / kg;
- Moisture content of 8.9%;
Price negotiable.
If necessary, send samples of the products.
Terms of delivery, the final price, payment and packing are negotiated separately.

Contry: Ukraine
City: Khakov
Languages: English, Russian

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Submitted: Tue-19-2016 Updated: Thu-09-2017 Views: 1245

Photo - Sell sunflower briquettes

 Khakov - Sell sunflower briquettes

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