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We sell pellets, exclusively from softwoods

Out company offer the production of wood pellets (exclusively from softwoods), that meet high standards of proper sertifications.
Shipment is carried out from production facilities in Ivano Frankivs'k region.

Quality characteritics:

  • moisture (ar) – 8,17%
  • ash (ar) – 2,32%
  • ash (d) – 2,57%
  • Volatile matters (ar) – 73,98%
  • Volatile matters (d) – 80,95%
  • Sulphur (ar) – 0,01%
  • Sulphur (d) – 0,01%
  • Net CV (ar) – 4026 kkal/kg
  • Net CV (d) – 4540 kkal/kg
  • Gross CV (d) – 4842 kkal/kg
  • Gross CV (daf) – 4889 kkal/kg
  • diametr – 8 mm.


SGS certificate can be sent on request.

We offer the following packaging options:
- Big-bag (1 tonn)

We offer pellet on conditions EXW, FCA, DAP, FOB, CFR.
Final price is formed depending on the amount and frequency of purchase.

We are open for cooperation!

Contry: Ukraine
City: Lviv
Languages: English, Russian

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Photo - We sell pellets, exclusively from softwoods

 Lviv - We sell pellets, exclusively from softwoods

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