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50Mt of wood pellets each month - UK import

We are seeking an exclusive supplier relationship for 50Mt per month. Delivered by road haulage to NORTHAMPTON, UK.The requirements are:

- 100% PINE pellets, preference is for a white/light pellet colour

- < 1% powder/dust

- Delivered to  NORTHAMPTON, UK

- Packaged in 15kg bags to our design

(Bags can be provided from China if easier than producing for us)

- 21 x standard pallets per delivery, curtain side HGV

- 80 x 15kg bags per pallet

**alternatively we will consider 1000kg bulk bags, unpackaged delivery - but the price will need to reflect the additional costs of UK packing time**

This is an URGENT request and we will be looking to appoint a supplier within 72 hours (close Thursday 7th March 1500 hrs - UK time).I am constantly and readily available to disccuss.

A 1kg sample will be required. We will pay sample FedEx cost on receipt of the sample, not before - we are accutely aware of the huge number scams involving TT/PartPayment etc. And we will be conducting thorough checks.

Contry: United Kingdom
City: Northampton
Languages: English

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Submitted: Tue-05-2019 Updated: Tue-05-2019 Views: 357

Photo - 50Mt of wood pellets each month - UK import

Northampton - 50Mt of wood pellets each month - UK import

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