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50Mt of wood pellets each month - UK import

We are seeking an exclusive supplier relationship for 50Mt per month. Delivered by road haulage to NORTHAMPTON, UK.The requirements are: - 100% PINE ..

Interested in wood pellets in big-bag packing, 600 tons required

Interested in 600tons of wood pellets per month in big-bag packing. Destination port - Odessa, Ukriane. Please sent me your price and avalibility to d..

Buying Wood pellets in trucks by 22t

Interested in wood pellets. We buy in trucks by 22t. Send your offer with prices and photos of your product.

Interested in wood pellets in big bag

Interested in high quality pellets in a big bag.Send your proposal with the price and place of your production.

Buying wood pellets 6mm in big bags 200t a month

We are interested in wood pellets 6mm in big bags.Our need per month is 200t. Availability of the quality certificate is a must.

Interested in pine wood pellets FCA or DAP

Interested in wood pellets from pine. Please send me offer with price, delivery time, and terms of payment on the delivery base FCA or DAP 22-100 Cheł..

Interested in wood pellets in big bags 20t a month for EU

We plan to supply pellets to Europe. Packing - big-bags,the volume is about 20-21t. Please send your offer with indication export prices for your good..

Interested in pine pellets A1

Interested in pellets class A1 from pine.We will consider your offer with the price including VAT and delivery.Specify also the terms of delivery.

Interested in wood pellets in bulk or big bags

We are interested in wood pellets in bulk and in big-bags. Consider your offer with the price (by cash, by bank Vat incl.), indication of the place of..

Interested in wood pellets, 100t a mo, big bag, 15 kg bag

We are interested in purchase of pellets from beech or soft wood. To start with 80-100 tons per monthPlease, specify your price-for big-bag and bags 1..

Looking for 70 000 MT of wood pellets supply

Our company needs a supply of 70 000 tons of wood pellets monthly. Considering all offers with contacts.

Interested in wood pellets, big bag, 15 kg bag on DAP

We are interested in the purchase of pellets in big bag and in 15 kg bags. We have warehouse and production located in the village of Cherodgorodok Ma..

Interested in pellets from pine 6mm in 15 kg bags

Interested in pine pellets 6mm.Packing by 15 kg with delivery in Uman. Send an offer with price per ton.