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Agripellets are suited for utilisation in large burners. There is huge potential for agropellets as they are produced from truely renewable energy resources.

Big volumes of straw pellets Kiev

We have big volumes of straw pellets in Vinnitsa region. Send us your inquiry with requirements and volume.

Selling Miscunthus pellets Vinnitsa

We have Miscunthus pellets. Confirm your interest for this product and we will make a quote for you.

Able to supply straw pellets from Ukraine and Russia Daugavpils

We can supply straw pellets from Ukraine and Russia. Let us know the volume per month needed, payment terms, target price and min. parametrs of qualit..

Pellets for animal bedding (100% straw) from Ukraine Kyiv

Offering 100% straw pellets for animal bedding of Ukrainian origin. Specify the volume you need, transport if applicable, and country of delivery.

Straw pellets 8 mm and milled straw pellets Vinnitsa

We can deliver straw pellets 8 mm and milled straw pellets (Granulat). Please come back to me for details.  

Producing straw pellets in large quantity Chechelnyk

Our pellet plant is the biggest one in Ukraine, producing straw pellets in large quantity. Let us know specifications and quantity you are interested ..
ilincy Straw pellets 450 tons per month

Straw pellets 450 tons per month ilincy

We can supply straw pellets in the amount of 450 tons, but without delivery.Send your request and indicate how you will designate the price, with or w..

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