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Charcoal briquette price

Charcoal briquettes are the highly combustible fuel with low moisture and volatile gases content. It produces long-lasting and hot smokeless fire. Charcoal briquettes are made after firing materials with high level of carbon such as wood which in composition with other materials form into convenient briquettes. Below there is a wide range of charcoal briquettes offers and requests available.

Kiev Offer for birch charcoal

Offer for birch charcoal Kiev

We would like to offer birch charcoal packaged in two-layer bags 2,5 kg. 20 UAH per one. 8000 UAH per ton. About 5 tons are in presence.
Rovno Offer for charcoal

Offer for charcoal Rovno

We would like to offer charcoal. 6,50 kg

Manufacturer of charcoal briquettes EXW, FCA Malin

Our company is a manufacturer of charcoal briquettes obtained by briquetting wood charcoal powder. The production capacity of the line is 100-120 tons..
Rovno Charcoal briquettes (oak)

Charcoal briquettes (oak) Rovno

Charcoal briquettes (oak) produced by low-temperature pyrolysis technology in compliance with all requirements in the production of pyrolysis furnaces..
Kharkov Сharcoal from pini-kay briquettes

Сharcoal from pini-kay briquettes Kharkov

Our company offers the best-quality charcoal from pini-kay briquette produced by using the law-temperature pyrolysis method. Pini-kay briquette charc..
Rovno Sell charcoal briquette

Sell charcoal briquette Rovno

Shape - hexagon, square ( can be any-order) diameter - 4.5 cm (can custom) length - under the order contains no chemical additives, no smoke and smell..
Kiev Exporting high quality charcoal products

Exporting high quality charcoal products Kiev

Our company gladly represents to you our Offer and hopes for a cooperation between us in the future. Hardwood Charcoal made of Oak tree. Shape-lump (d..

Charcoal Briquettes Variety

A large variety of charcoal briquettes offers and requests are displayed above. Such a variety allows future customers to select the best suitable deal. We also have divided all the announcements into two separate categories to make the searching process more comfortable. The Sell category has all the available offers from Ukrainian charcoal briquettes suppliers. And the Buy category shows the requests from the companies interested in buying this biofuel.

Using charcoal briquettes is a excellent alternative to the traditional fossil fuels such as natural gas, heating oil or coal. Firing the fuel briquettes with low carbon content reduces the harmful emissions level. Above you can find the suitable seal that meets your expectations.