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Exporting high quality charcoal products Ukraine

Our company gladly represents to you our Offer and hopes for a cooperation between us in the future.

Hardwood Charcoal made of Oak tree.

Shape-lump (diameter 3cm-length 10-15 cm)

Origin – Ukraine

Smokeless and sparkles.

No additive charcoal briquette.

Produce a hot, long lasting, virtually smokeless fire

Calorific: 7000-7500 kcal/kg

Packing – polypropylene packing (per 10 kg)

Volume: 15000kg/40HC

Delivery time - 3 weeks

Ukrainian Cargo Bureau

Price: 350USD/FCA-

Supply capacity: 400 ton per month

Component           mass fraction %


Carbon                  89,6


Hydrogen               3,0


Nitrogen                 0,2


Sulfur                     absent


Oxygen                   5,7


ash                           1,5















Contry: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Languages: English, Russian

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Submitted: Fri-15-2013 Updated: Tue-21-2014 Views: 4759

Photo - Exporting high quality charcoal products

 Kiev - Exporting high quality charcoal products

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