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Sunflower Husk Pellets

Here is presented available offers and requests from those who interested in sunflower husk pellets. This type of biofuel is made from sunflower husks. The biggest advantage of these pellets composition is high level of density and low volume of moisture. Energy volume produced after firing two kilograms of sunflower husk pellets is comparative to energy volume produced by liquid fuels of the same amount.

Kiev Offering pellets from husk sunflower

Offering pellets from husk sunflower Kiev

We can provide supply of sunflower husk pellets. To calculate the cost of pellets with delivery, we need to know the volume you need and the address o..

Looking for husk pellets in big bags Kharkov

Looking for sunflower husk pellets.Point of unloading is Poland, Katowice. Send your offer with a price, including delivery, for pellets from 100% hus..
Lviv Offering husk sunflower pellets on FCA or DAP

Offering husk sunflower pellets on FCA or DAP Lviv

Our company can offer husk sunflower pellets. Send us your query with the specification of the place of delivery and the terms (FCA, DAP ets.)

Buying granulated sunflower husk Mariupol

We buy granulated sunflower husk. We are interested in the price and place of loading, quality certificate. Interested in pellet from the new crop

Interested in husk sunflower pellets, 5t a month, EXW Dnepr

Interested in pellets from husk seeds, please calculate the cost of 5 tons to Dnieper.And also interested in ex factory.
Zaporozhie Pellets from husk sunflower for sale

Pellets from husk sunflower for sale Zaporozhie

We offer pellets from husks of sunflower seeds. Send your request with details of the pellets you need: dimensions, requirements for the product, pack..

Interested in husk sunflower pellets Nilolaev

We purchase pellets from husk sunflower. Send us your offer with the price for pellets.

Husk Sunflower Pellet Producers

Above you can find a number of offers and requests from Ukrainian companies interested in selling or purchasing sunflower husk pellets. If you are interested in this type of biofuel we two sections available in order to make your search easier. Sunflower husk pellets suppliers provide their offers with some essential details about the product they sell.

The potential consumers enlisted in another category look forward to making new partnerships for purchasing sunflower husk pellets. Due to the growing interest in Ukraine toward the renewable energy sources such as sunflower husk pellets the number of such offers will be growing in future.