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Ukrainian Biofuel Portal assists in purchasing pellets manufactured in Ukraine


Wood pellets ukraine produersGreen energy overtakes a very sizeable segment of the world's fuel and power market. Such an agio is particularly supported by the fact that according to the decision of the European Commission, the percentage of the renewable energy sources in EU countries must grow up to the year of 2020. And by 2050, about 80% of the global energy consumption shall form namely renewable sources. Such estimations were drawn up by the United Nations Climate Change Expert Group.

The important position among the types of solid biological fuel is taken by pellet goods. European trends encourage the market in such a way that almost every week at least one big-capacity pellet plant is put into operation. As of the end of 2007, the number of such manufacturers reached 300. Plus, there exists more than one thousand plants with smaller capacity. If to speak generally, the consumption of pellets in the countries of the European Union has a year growth of 15%, and the figure will hardly decrease. For example, Holland will consume 3 million fuel granules per year. By 2012, Great Britain plans to raise the annual utilization of pellets up to 3.5 million tons. According to the estimations of some experts, about 250 milliard dollars were spent on the development of bioenergetics just during the previous year.

Regarding the Ukrainian market of biofuel, it develops much slower than the European one. Examining the market of pellets, only 5% of the manufactured goods are consumed within the country, while the rest 95% are exported. Moreover, export grows every year. Just for the year of 2010 the quantity of the exported pellets rose to 65% in comparison with the following rate of 2009. Due to the high export rates, the production volume of granules increases up to 15-20% every year. According to the data provided by Ukrainian Biofuel Portal, production of pellets, manufactured from sunflower husk, increased by 50% during a year and a half. The choice of suppliers also rose to about 30%. It should be noted that Ukrainian fuel granules from this very input material are in great demand on the European market. Such pellets are produced from agricultural wastes. Herewith the content of ashes in such fuel granules does not exceed 4.5%, and the amount of CO2, ejected to the atmosphere during the combustion, equals to the amount of CO2 having been absorbed by the plant during its growth. These factors, plus high caloricity vividly explain why such pellets are so popular among the European consumers. In Europe they are used to heat both private houses and big boiler installations.

By the way, on Ukrainian Biofuel Portal there has been created a special data base of manufacturers and suppliers of pellets produced from sunflower husk. Using the mentioned web site, one can find out current characteristics of granules, prices, types of the offered delivery. In fact, the portal contains any necessary information for the buyers, including addresses and telephones of the manufacturing companies. The manufacturers themselves can freely exchange the information and follow the new tendencies of the market. One of the notable advantages of the site is that the access to the data base is open for foreign consumers. Indeed, one of the main aims of creation of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal was to popularize Ukrainian pellets not only within the country but also beyond its borders.

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-ukrainian-biofuel-portal-assists-in-purc-9.html

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