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Biomass and bioenergy


Biomass and bioenergyRenewable energy is produced from ordinary processes, like sun or heat from earth, and they are replenished constantly. It’s also heat and electricity derived from ocean, wind, hydropower, solar, geothermal reserves, biofuels and hydrogen derived from renewable resources and biomass.

The main renewable source of energy is biomass. People from beginning of civilization used in order to cook and get heat. Now consumption of biomass is very high. Africa, Latin America and Asia get one-third of the energy they need from biomass, and developed countries from these regions - 80-90%. (D'Apote, 1998). According to Anonymous, 2007b, in Y2006 Sweden consumed 116 TWh of the energy from biomass, and it’s 19% of supply in this year. Bioenergy has many advantages and main of them that it’s produced from physical materials, it’s safe to handle, store and transport it. Also bioenergy can be produced with simple technology and at any time.

There are three main biological types of plant for biomass: forests, herbaceous and aquatic plants. Resources can be derived strictly for producing bioenergy or it can be bi-products of different processes for other purposes.

Nowadays residues of traditional agriculture and forestry are main resources for bioenergy. But some scientists dedicate energy crops as main potential for increasing supply in the whole world.

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-biomass-and-bioenergy-12.html

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