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Peat briquettes offered Ukraine

Our company offers

peat fuel briquettes:

1. Humidity (Wp) - no more than 18 %

2. Ash content (Ad) - no more than 18 %

3. The scrape share (Sd) - no more than 0,3 %

4. The volatile organics yield (Vdaf) - no more than 74 %

5. The lowest energy value (QPh) 16?8 mj|kg (4200 kkal)

6. Mechanical realiability - 95 %

7. Cs 137 radionuclide's content - no more than 60 Bq|kg

Contry: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Languages: Russian

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Submitted: Mon-15-2010 Updated: Mon-15-2010 Views: 5025

Photo - Peat briquettes offered

 Kiev - Peat briquettes offered

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