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Peat Pellet Producers

Using the peat for energy is alternative to relatively expensive fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. The economical value of peat as a fuel depends on local conditions including availability of other fuels. The high demand for electricity stimulated the development of large electric power plants fuelled by peat. Peat appeared especially competitive in the 60-200 MW power plants. Recently, peat has been used for electricity generation in small units in the range of 20-1 000 kW. Below you can find the list with Ukrainian peat pellets and briquettes suppliers.

Sell peat briquettes

Sell peat briquettes

Our company can provide your company with Peat briquettes produced in Ukraine with such specifications: Ash content – 9,3 % Sulfur - 0.01% M..
Peat (granulated) fuel Pellets

Peat (granulated) fuel Pellets

Peat pellets (granulated) characteristics: Place of origin: Ukraine Moisture: 13% Ash content: 18% Mechanical durability: 94% Gross calorific val..
Peat fuel Pellets

Peat fuel Pellets

Our company, located in Ukraine and specializes in peat mining and manufacturing of peat fuel products.   We have our own peat&nb..
Peat briquettes

Peat briquettes

Our coampany can provide you with Peat briquettes produced in Ukraine with such specifications: Ash content – 9,3- 14 % Sulfur - 0.16 -0,4 % ..
Milled peat

Milled peat

Net CV (ar) - 11,89 mJ/kg Moisture (ar) - 45,00% Ash (d) - 9,33% Sulphur (ar) - 0,02% Size - 0-20mm Application: - power stations - thermal power plan..

Export of peat pellets

We export pellets from peat. Terms on request.  

Peat pellets 8 mm for sale

We sell peat pellets 8 mm, volume is 500 tons. Delivery on FCA (by auto and railway in request). Price is 80 Euro per ton.  

A company sells agricultural peat

We sell agricultural peat. Price is 150 UAH per ton including VAT.

Selling biofuel: peat fuel pellets

Wholesale company sells granules fuel (pellets) made of peat. Diameter from 6 to 8 mm. Moisture - 12-15%. Heat of combustion - from 10 to 17.7 MJ/kg. ..
We offer peat pellets

We offer peat pellets

Peat pellets moisture - to 12 % diameter - 6 mm. ash contents - 4,1 % - 12%, sulfur ..

Fuel peat briquettes.

Heating abilities 16.8mJ/kg. • Moisture not more 25%. • Ashes notmore 25%. • Massive pieces less than 25mm in size, not more than 7%. &..

We offer PEAT briquettes

We offer PEAT briquettes of low and transition layers from Ukraine. Heating power is 3800-4200 kilocal/kg or 14-16 mJoule. Ash content not more than 2..

Peat Pellet Suppliers

The peat pellets suppliers list published above give a wide range of offers so the future customers could choose the best deal for them and purchase biofuels with the most suitable characteristics.

The carbon and hydrogen in peat are significant for its use as a fuel. During decomposition carbon and nitrogen typically increase while oxygen and hydrogen decrease. Inorganic substances contents of peat deposits vary both in term of quantity and quality and they affect the ash content which is a useful parameter when calculating the value of peat for fuel. Peat pellets with a large content of mineral soil have a high ash value. The ash volume in good quality peat pellets is up to 14 percent are used for fuel.