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Sell Peat Briquettes

High energy burning peat briquettes are made from high–quality peat according to modern technologies. They have exclusive customers` characteristics. Peat briquettes are the end-product of modern production and notable for permanent terms of thermal properties, and allow calculating the reliance on the peat for concrete object. Peat briquettes are good flammable and have steady longtime terms of burning in any kind of ovens, wood heaters and chimneys. They improve the burning of wet firewood and coal. Peat briquettes are ecologically clean biofuel with minimal emissions release. Fuel ash left after burning is a complex natural fertilizer. Heating value of peat briquettes is equal to coal ДОМ and ДР and have 3 times more heat emissions characteristics in comparison with other types of high–quality firewood.

Our peat briquette’s particulars are confirmed with the testing report CCI.


Test results according to protocol:

The total moisture W %- 15.6

Ash A%-18.9

Total sulfur S%-0.26

Exit volatiles V%-68.7

NCV  Q Kcal / kg-3606       

Higher calorific value Q Kcal / kg-6108

Our company offers the following volumes of products sold :

Lowland peat (Package 250L)-1500t/month

Lowland peat (big bag)-10000t/month

Lowland peat hopper in bulk -10000-15000t/month


Peat briquettes -6000t/month

Contry: Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Languages: English, Polish, Russian

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Submitted: Mon-29-2016 Updated: Thu-09-2017 Views: 2018

Photo - Sell Peat Briquettes

Kyiv - Sell Peat Briquettes

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