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sell straw pellets (biomass co2-neutral fuel) Ukraine

Our company offers fuel granules (pellets), produced from straw (wheat and rapseed). Deliveries for more than 1500 tonns per month (starting from June)

Technical specifications:

-Size: 8- mm;

-Density: 650 kg/m3;

-Ash content: max 4 %;

-Humidity: 10 - 12%;

-Calorific capacity: 15-16.5 MJ/kg;

-Nitrogen (N): 0, 8 %;

-Chloride (Cl): 0, 04 %;

-Sulphur (S): 0, 07 %

Price - 65 EUR (EXW Kyiv region), price quotes with delivery on request

Contry: Ukraine
City: Kyiv

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Submitted: Fri-27-2009 Updated: Fri-27-2009 Views: 4286

Photo - sell straw pellets (biomass co2-neutral fuel)

Kyiv - sell straw pellets (biomass co2-neutral fuel)

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