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Sraw pellets from a manufacturer

Our company is able to sell on a constant basis pellets from straw. The price, volume and delivery method negotiable.

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Submitted: Sat-14-2008 Updated: Sat-14-2008 Views: 12737

Photo - Sraw pellets from a manufacturer

 - Sraw pellets from a manufacturer

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Straw pellets Diameter - 8 mm
Our company produces and sells high quality straw pellets. Diameter - 8 mm. Length - up to 17.6 Straw pellets Diameter

Exporting straw pellets in bulk
We exports straw pellets in bulk on DAP. Price is 800-1200 UAH per ton. Exporting straw pellets

Selling Straw pellets 1 000 t/month
DAP - Izov-Hrubeshov - 1 t - 137 Euro DAP - Linz Austria  - 1 t - 121 Euro FOB Odessa commercial Selling Straw pellets

Sell paper (cardboard) and wood pellets
Our company is ready to sell paper (cardboard) and wood pellets 600t Sell paper (cardboard)

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