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Briquettes of hydrolysis lignin Ukraine

The company in the city of Zaporizhzhya is the only producer of hydrolysis lignin Briquettes. Characteristics of lignin pellets:

- Moisture - 15%, ash content - 10-12%, sulfur - 0.4%, calorific value - 5.5- 5.8 Gcal/t, pellet size of 30 mm in diameter.


- Duration of lignin pellets burning is the same as that of long-flame coal.

- It flames up well, burns evenly; it does not give sparks and smoke, white smoke clean is in output.

- High-quality dense material without falling into the grate.

- There is a small amount of ashes, it does not sinter, does not require disposal costs, it can be used as a fertilizer.

- Lignin Pellets are in big bags which can be stored outdoors, in bulk - indoors.

- It can be used in all standard domestic, industrial and semi-solid fuel fired boilers without reconstruction of boilers, fireplaces and household stoves of population. (! Pellet boilers suitable for reciprocating, screw, --with manual loading)

Packing: 40 kg bags, big bags of 1 tonne.

Contry: Ukraine
City: Zaporozhye
Languages: Russian

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Submitted: Sun-24-2016 Updated: Thu-09-2017 Views: 1205

Photo - Briquettes of hydrolysis lignin

 Zaporozhye - Briquettes of hydrolysis lignin

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