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Lignin Briquettes

Lack of the traditional fossil fuels brings the necessity to produce new clean biofuels to cut greenhouse gas emissions and save our forests. Lignin briquettes are clean, less polluted and easy to handle biofuel that produce long-lasting fire. It would produce enough heating as in domestic and industrial use. Below we composed the list of all the available lignin briquettes offers and requests.

Zaporozhye Briquettes of hydrolysis lignin

Briquettes of hydrolysis lignin Zaporozhye

The company in the city of Zaporizhzhya is the only producer of hydrolysis lignin Briquettes. Characteristics of lignin pellets: - Moisture - 15%, as..

Selling briquettes from lignin Kiev

Оur company selling briquettes from lignin on DAF. Euro standard quality. Party from 1000 to 5000 tons per month. We are making the delivery a..

Interested in lignin briquettes Vinnica

We are interested in lignin briquettes. Send the price.

The company offers fuel briquettes Dnepropetrovsk

Our company offers fuel briquettes. Briquettes are made of pressing a mixture of coal slurry and lignin and are intended to be used as a solid fuel.

Lignin Briquettes Price

There is a variety of offers posted by lignin briquettes suppliers and request from companies interested in buying this biofuel. Though the traditional fossil fuels are still widely used in Ukraine the clean-burning fuels are getting their consumers. Here is presented to categories depending of what our customers are searching for.

The Sell category indicated the full range of offers from Ukrainian lignin briquettes supplies that are interested in getting their future consumers and establishing mutually partnerships. And the Buy category that presents the number of requests from those who is interested in purchasing this clean biofuel.