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briquettes RUF Ukraine

Our company makes briquettes RUF up to 200 tons per month. The cost of RUF briquettes – 95 EUR per tonne, price FCA Ukraine, Rivne. Will ship in a car 20 tons of briquette. The size of briquettes 15*6*10cm. The briquettes stacked on the pallet 1200*800 pallet weight 960 kg, briquettes Packed in 10 kg in shrink wrap, 10 PCs. per pallet 96 boxes.
Indicators of the RUF briquettes: calorific value — not less than 16,5 MJ/kg, mass fraction of moisture — not more than 10%, ash content — not more than 1.5%.
Fuel briquette RUF – is a rectangular brick made on hydraulic press high pressure at high temperature.
Work on conditions : EXW, FCA, DDU.

Contry: Ukraine
City: Rovno
Languages: Polish, Russian

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Submitted: Thu-10-2016 Updated: Thu-10-2016 Views: 974

Photo - briquettes RUF

 Rovno - briquettes RUF

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