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Sawdust Briquettes Offers

See below the list of offers made by the Ukrainian sawdust briquettes suppliers. Due to the high demand for the alternative energy sources such as sawdust pellets there is quite a large number of made offers and its amount is growing every day. Each and every supplier provided their offer with the essential information about their product.

We sell pellets from the coniferous and mixed wood.

We produce pellets by a diameter of 6 and 8 mm. The pellets are packed in big bags by 1000 kg and in polyethylene bags by 15 kg correspondently. Pelle..

RUF briquettes, FCA Lviv

Ruf briquettes made of beech. 10 kg plastic bag. Price FCA Lviv. Delivering is avaliable, Please contact us to get more imformation about delivering o..

Nestro Briquettes, FCA Lviv

Nestro briquettes made of 100% oak. Minimal order is 1 FTL (full truck load) - 20 tons in 5 kg plastic bags or  big-bags. Price FCA Lviv. Deliver..
Wood briquettes Pini Kay oak

Wood briquettes Pini Kay oak

We offer wood briquets (oak) 960kg in 96 packages on pallet, each package weighs 10kg. With our Pini Kay wooden briquettes, the fireplace remains clea..
Fuel briquettes PINI-KAY (mix)

Fuel briquettes PINI-KAY (mix)

Fuel briquettes PINI-KAY (MIX): pine-60%, alder - 20%, oak - 20%  
 briquettes RUF

briquettes RUF

Our company makes briquettes RUF up to 200 tons per month. The cost of RUF briquettes – 95 EUR per tonne, price FCA Ukraine, Rivne. Will ship in..
Wood briquettes Pini Key

Wood briquettes Pini Key

Briquettes Pini Key made of: hornbeam, alder, aspen, birch and 30% pine. Pack Big-Bag and sacks. Ash 0.9%
Wood briquettes Nestro

Wood briquettes Nestro

Briquettes Nesrto made of: hornbeam, alder, aspen, birch, oak without bark! Pack Big-Bag and sacks. Ash 0.75%

High quality briquettes made from birch

High quality briquettes made from birch. 1 pallet = 96 packs x 10 kg = 960 kg 1 truck = 23 pallets x 960 kg = 22080 kg = 2208 packs 1 pack = 0,8 EUR F..
Wood Briquettes Pine Kay

Wood Briquettes Pine Kay

Hello we are a factory of Pine Wood Briquettes Pine KAY and OAK wood coal in Kiev, Ukraine, We are glad to offer you this products with a compentive p..

High quality briquettes manufactured in Ukraine

Our company is pleased to offer high quality briquettes manufactured in Ukraine. We offer certified products, good sevices and adequate competitive pr..

Wood briquettes of hardwood (mainly oak)

Our company offers high quality wood briquettes made of hardwood (mainly oak) with following characteristics: Dimension - 300x50mm Ash content - 0.9..

Ruf briquette from manufacturer

Producing company is selling RUF briquettes of own manufacture. Wood briquettes are produced of hardwood (oak, hornbeam). Packing: 96 packs of a pall..

High-Quality Sawdust Briquettes

The sawdust briquettes suppliers list. See the information above to select the best suitable offer for purchasing the sawdust briquettes. The Ukrainian suppliers added to their offers some product characteristics such as diameter, price and initial terms and conditions.

Using this list of sawdust briquettes suppliers the future customers can easily find the most preferable offer to purchase the high-quality biofuel and get a reliable future partner.