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Wood briquettes

We would like to present you a list with available offers and requests concerning saw dust briquettes. That is an excellent alternative to the traditional energy sources. Sawdust briquettes are produced form dried sawdust composed into small briquettes under extremely high pressure without adding any glues or binding agents. Check out the full list of offers and requests for sawdust briquettes.

Looking for Pini KAy briquettes supplier, 96 bags on a pallet Kolomiya

Our company needs hardwood (100% oak, hornbeam) Pini Kay and pine (100%) briquettes supplier, 10 kg thermoresistant paper packing. Price for 96 packs ..

Oak NESTRO briquettes supply to Germany Romanov

Our company provides clients with NESTRO wood briquettes (oak), 90mm in diameter, 10 kg packing in thermo film. Contact for details.

Hardwood NESTRO briquettes supply from Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk

We offer NESTRO wood briquettes from oak from Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region. Diameter - 70 mm, big bags packing, up to 500 tons in stock.

Offering RUF briquettes Kiev

Our company can offer RUF briquettes as follows: Technical specifications of wood briquettes: Calorific value - 5 MJ/kg Ash content – 0,4% M..
Vinnitsa Wood briquettes RUF, 45t a month

Wood briquettes RUF, 45t a month Vinnitsa

We can supply you with RUF briquettes of our production. Most of the volume is already contracted but still we have several trucks per month to offer...
Kharkov Briquettes Pini Kay from oak, 12 pc a pack, 300t mo, EXW

Briquettes Pini Kay from oak, 12 pc a pack, 300t mo, EXW Kharkov

Our company is engaged in manufacturing fuel briquettes (Euro firewood) of the PINI KAY type from 100% oak wood sawing waste. Packaging: PINI KAY briq..
Zaporozhie Briquette Pini Kay from sunflower husk, FCA

Briquette Pini Kay from sunflower husk, FCA Zaporozhie

Briquettes: PINI & KAY from sunflower husks.Briquettes are not cut.Dimensions: 50x50x300mm.Packed in 8.5 kg (12 pieces) on the pallet, the packet ..

Sawdust Briquettes Price

The list above contains both offers from suppliers and requests from the possible consumers. According to the increased interest for the new alternative energy power resources the number of offers and requests is constantly growing. To make the specific search more comfortable we have divided all the announcements into two separate groups. The Sell group that contains wide range of offers from sawdust briquettes suppliers with provided information about their product and the Buy group with all the available requests from potential consumers.

Click the suitable category to the fresh information about the sawdust briquettes offers and requests. There an ultimate possibility to make long-term partner relationships with the Ukrainian companies in the sawdust energy power area of activity.