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Fuel briquette sales

Our fuel briquette is cylinder of pressed sawdust with diameter 52 mm, length 60-80 mm. We use only dry sawdust in producing our briquette. The normal temperature of inflammation is 200-217 centigrade degree.

The technical data of our fuel briquette is as follows:
  • Humidity, Wrt,% 4,4
  • Ash content, Ad,% 1,4
  • Sulfur content, Std, % 0,03
  • Devolatilization, Vdaf, % 85,3
  • low heat value, Qir, kcal/kg 4294
  • high heat value, Qsdaf, kcal/kg 4950
  • Density, g/sm3 1,14

City: Donetsk
Languages: Russian

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Submitted: Tue-19-2008 Updated: Thu-09-2017 Views: 5775

Photo - Fuel briquette sales

fuel briquette ukraine
fuel briquette ukraine
Donetsk - Fuel briquette sales

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