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fuel briquettes for sale

Briquettes are intended for use as fuel in practically all types of boilers, furnaces, fireplaces. The fuel briquette is an ecologically absolutely clean fuel, containing low emissions of ÑÎ2 and a minimum quantity of ashes (3 %) with heat release equal to that of black coal.

The basic data.

Briquettes do not contain any harmful substances, including glues. Specially converted husk of sunflower and buckwheat under great pressure and heat, briquettes have the form of a cylinder with a central aperture that allows for their use in less productive heating systems with smaller drafts.

A big benefit of briquettes is a constancy of temperature at combustion lasting 4 hours. A positive aspect of fuel briquettes use as fuel is their minimal influence on the environment in comparison with classical fuels while maintaining identical heat-generating ability as, for example, coal, but with 15 times less resultant ash (about 1.5 %), which can be used as a mineral fertilizer.

So for example,

Brown coal combustion

40% ash

Black coal combustion

20% ash

Fuel briquettes combustion

0,5 - 3 % ash

Technical Characteristics of Briquette

ÑÎ2 emission comparison of classical fuels with briquettes on allocation (emission into environment upon combustion):


15 times higher CO2 emission


20 times higher CO2 emission


50 times higher CO2 emission

Quantity of ashes at combustion of briquettes is much lower (tens of times) than the quantity of ashes at combustion of classical fuel.

Comparison characteristics of heat-generating ability of briquettes:

Wood (damp)

10 MJ/kg

Wood (dry)

12 MJ/kg

Brown coal

16 MJ/kg


26-27 MJ/kg

Black coal

20 MJ/kg


32 MJ/kg

Ecological compatibility

Fuel briquettes are used as an ecologically-clean fuel. The above-stated aspects represent a convincing argument for using of fuel briquettes from ecologically clean products, which in the given region will bring preservation of the environment from pollution, solution to power problems.

Contry: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Languages: English, Russian

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