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Manufacturer of charcoal briquettes EXW, FCA Ukraine

Our company is a manufacturer of charcoal briquettes obtained by briquetting wood charcoal powder. The production capacity of the line is 100-120 tons of briquettes per month.

The carbon content is 82-90%
Ash content is 1-5%
Moisture at the level of 3-6%
Heating value 8000-12000 kcal
Volatile matter 3-8%

Now we are looking for buyers who are ready for a long and fruitful cooperation. We are ready to cooperate on the terms EXW & FCA.

If you are interested in this product - let us know.

Contry: Ukraine
City: Malin
Languages: Russian

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Submitted: Tue-27-2017 Updated: Tue-27-2017 Views: 222

Photo - Manufacturer of charcoal briquettes EXW, FCA

Malin - Manufacturer of charcoal briquettes EXW, FCA

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