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Nestro briquettes from the leading trader

Our company offers an economical and high-quality solution for heating and providing production with alternative fuel from renewable raw materials!

Fuel briquettes of RUF type are a type of solid fuel, an alternative to ordinary wood or coal, which are made of a pressed mass of woodworking waste (sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, etc.) that is mainly used for heating buildings and water by special furnaces and other heating equipment. Due to their high density (1.5 times higher than firewoods') and low humidity (7-8% of briquets VS 40-50% of firewoods), combustion heat reaches up to 25 Mj/kg ( VS 14 Mj/kg of firewoods and 29.3 Mj/kg of coal). 

Minimal ash content (0,8%) provides maximal combustion heat and minimal residue.

HEAT - 22,2 Mj/kg
PACKING - 10 kg (5pc)


Contry: Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

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Submitted: Wed-11-2019 Updated: Wed-11-2019 Views: 37

Photo - Nestro briquettes from the leading trader

 Kyiv - Nestro briquettes from the leading trader

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