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Analysis of the Ukrainian market of sunflower husk pellets


Husk sunflower pellet producersAccording to experts’ forecasts, in 2012 the producers of sunflower husk pellets will manufacture the record volume of their production. These never yet seen amount could be reached thanks for a rich harvest in 2011, permanent increase of need in pellets on the Ukrainian and foreign markets, and also thanks for improvement of the Ukrainian pellet producers’ production possibilities. This year all pellet manufacturers may purchase the necessary quantity of feedstock, thus in contrast to the previous year, there shouldn’t be any break or stagnation in the production process. The raw materials for producing pellets will hold out till the beginning of processing this year harvest. 

It’s rather explainable that sunflower husk pellets get more and more popular both in Ukraine and all over the world. Such pellets are cheaper than wood ones, moreover they could be used (even more effectively) instead of gas and coal which pollute environment and get more and more expensive. Sunflower husk pellets very rarely contain sand and other heavy dirt, which prematurely put fuel equipment out of action. This is a sustainable and hypoallergic energy resource that doesn’t include dust and spores from plants. Ash content of such pellets is very low, and thanks for their good packed compactness they could be stored and delivered through big distances without whatever troubles and additional expenses.

Ukraine is an agricultural country with more than enough feedstock for producing sunflower husk pellets. The exploration of Ukrainian biofuel portal’s specialists showed that the domestic market of this biofuel features a positive dynamics in development, the number of suppliers always grows. Along with increase of the world demand for sunflower husk pellets the volume of supply of such fuel in Ukraine increases as well. The experts’ analysis showed that agricultural pellets is just the product which influences the gain of volume in the Ukrainian biofuel sector.  
The specialists from the marketing department of Ukrainian biofuel portal revealed that within the 2nd half of 2011 and the 1st half of 2012 there appeared 24 new producers and 54 new suppliers of sunflower husk pellets on the Ukrainian market. The biggest part of production companies is located in Donetskiy, Khersonskiy and Zaporozhskiy regions.

Ukrainian producers of sunflower husk pellets are mainly focused on the export of their production. Sunflower husk is a rather rare raw material for the European countries, that’s why demand for such pellets always prevails over supply. Such fuel is mainly used at the foreign industrial companies as an alternative source of energy. For today the biggest volumes of sunflower husk pellets are exported to Poland, the market share in other countries increases as well. The demand for Ukrainian pellets grows in Moldova. As for the domestic market of such fuel kind, it’s not developed yet. Therefore, the volume of the sold production is very small compared to the volume of export. However, there exist all prerequisites for developing the infrastructure of this market till the proper level. The regular growth of prices for the traditional energy carriers will compel Ukrainian industrial companies to start switching over to alternative fuel.

According to the experts’ data, even now the volume of sunflower husk pellet sales within Ukraine increases yearly. Business relations between husk biofuel producers, suppliers and customers are gradually establishing. Using the information from the propositions received, the marketing specialists of Ukrainian biofuel portal created a special database which included a detailed info regarding producers and suppliers of sunflower husk pellets. The information presented covers the period between the 2nd half of 2011 and the 1st half of the current year. Besides describing the majority of players of this biofuel sector (the name and location of production and supplying companies) that information resource gives the data regarding their propositions, annual production volumes,  product prices, technical features and delivery terms.

The database created by the marketing specialists of Ukrainian biofuel portal, may become a very effective tool for a successful business carried both by sellers and buyers of sunflower husk pellets. Thanks for it both parties may establish useful business contacts and reach the most advantageous terms of collaboration. This source of information gives an excellent imagination about the overall situation on the market of this solid biofuel, about its main participants, their production/supply volumes and about today’s prices.

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-analysis-of-the-ukrainian-market-of-sunf-13.html

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