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Current biomass energy sources in Slovenia


Current biomass energy sources in Slovenia are dominated by wood from forestry (55% of the land area covered by forests), from brushwood (represents approx. 13% of the land area), and industry wood remainder and waste. The quantity of wood biomass has been increasing from year to year since annual wood felling is only 42% (1999) of possible total wood harvest allowed by the Institute of Forestry in Slovenia.
Wood biomass potential in Slovenia

  1. The additional/untapped biomass potential in industrial sector is according to Slovenian Forestry Institute estimation at least 280,000 tons.
  2. Since the annual increment of wood biomass in forests in Slovenia is much greater then planned and realized felling, Slovenian Forestry Institute estimates that 50% of the difference between planned and realized cuts may be utilized in energetic purpose in the future, what makes the biomass potential from forests about 200.000 tons.
  3. The estimated total potential in brushwood in Slovenia amounts annually to about 120,000 tons.

Wood in the form of fuel wood is widely used already for energy purposes. The use of wood chips is limited due to very small amount of modern wood chips boilers. In the framework of INCO project 4 small boilers for wood chips has been installed. In southern part of Slovenia with help of local community (30 % subsidy) 3 wood chips boilers were also installed and a medium size of chipper (60 kW) was bought.

The market and equipment for refined biomass utilization is not developed in Slovenia - not a single boiler pellets boiler is installed in Slovenia, and there is no possibility to buy wood pellets. Briquettes are produced in Slovenia in amount of approx. 1.800 tons per year. There are three wood processing enterprises, which produce briquettes from dry untreated wood industrial residues. The first one is located in the SE part of Slovenia with annual production of 800 tons from which the larger amount is exported to Austria. The second briquette producer is located in NW part of the country. Annual production amounts 800 tons and the whole produced quantity is sold to individual customers in surroundings, because the price is very competitive. The third enterprise produces annually 200 to 250 tons of briquettes, which are mainly exported to Croatia.
One commercial enterprise sells wood briquettes imported from abroad. Briquettes are packed in 10 kg sack, energy value is 4,9 kWh/kg. The price of briquettes is competitive and reaches 70% of the prices of fuel oil.

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-current-biomass-energy-sources-in-sloven-3.html

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