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Briquettes used in district heating in Floby, Sweden


In Falkoping, Southwest of Sweden, SBE built in the early 80ies a district heating plant for production of hot water to the Falkoping Energy district heating net in the village. This was one of the first private district heating plants in Sweden.
There was an excellent co-operation between the Falkoping Energy AB and SBE, which helped SBE with the commission to build a new plant in Floby. Falkoping Energy built by themselves the district heating net in Floby. The goal was to reduce the dependence of oil. The plant was presented in the beginning of 1992 and was ready to be in contractual operation in January 1993.

Function and Energy consumption

The briquettes are obtained from nearby manufacturers and delivered to the district heating plant in self-unloading containers that are stacked at the plant and used as storages. A replacement system is used whereby the truck delivering a full container from the manufacturer returns with an empty one. Normally there are three containers per delivery. The energy content of in such a delivery is 160 MWh, which means that at full effect (winter time), new deliverance of fuel is done with an interval of 6 days.
The solid fuel boiler supplies about 9 GWh of heat annually to a nursing home, the local school, an outdoor swimming pool, a factory (Volvo) and a number of multi-family buildings. The briquette-boiler is run annually and manages the whole loading register. It can be regulated down to a couple of 100kW, which involves a drifting even during the summer, which is something almost impossible with fossil fuels. The plant demands in average about 0,5 hours per day in personal management. The management is mainly diary keeping together with the fossil fuel norms.
The plant is equipped with mechanical flue gas cleaning, so called multi-cyclones, and the dust mission by the latest measuring was 55mg per normal cubic metre or 22,8 mg/MJ fuel.

The cost of the hot-water plant in Floby was approximately 9 million Swedish crowns (approx. 1 million Euro).

Briquettes from local manufacturers provide more than 99 percent of the district heating in the Swedish municipality of Floby.
This plant is a good example of a briquette- or pellet-heated heating central, where a low personal contribution, a high level of efficiency, low emission values, a good regularity and an inessential oil consumption is documented in a long period of years. The plant has received many educational studies and is available for visits, because it is most of the time unmanned.

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-briquettes-used-in-district-heating-in-4.html

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