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Energy plays great role in determining performance


This is the fashion of the day in today's Addis Ababa, big campfire in restaurants. If you by chance go to restaurants that have compounds you can see energy that is wasted carelessly. The bonfire of restaurants in Addis and many towns is becoming a threat that posed against the already fragile forest reserve of the country. Nearly,every night between 8pm and 11pm seeing big bonfire in all the four directions of Addis Ababa has become customary. Energy plays great role in determining the proper accomplishment of our entire performances and it is more than the figure on our utility bill; it is the basis of the whole activities we do. All of us use energy every day for shipping, transportation, food preparation, running manufacturing industry, lighting and entertainment. We depend on electric power to make our lives more at ease, dynamic and pleasant. In order to ensure our excellencies in life, we need to use our energy resources intelligently. It is a conscious decision to make proper choices concerning how to use energy. Fore instance, you need to make sure the proper flow of power while using your computer.

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