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Peel Environmental is to construct wood waste gasified system in Yorkshire

Thu-03-2016 Peel Environmental is to construct wood waste gasified system in Yorkshire

Municipal Council of Barnsley district gave the permission on building the object, which would be situated at the place of the former coal mine. It is expected, that the enterprise will process up to 150 thousand wood waste, annually.

In course of the processing, wood sawdust will be loaded into the chamber, after that it will be heated up with no oxygen.

The result of the reaction is biogas, which is going to be used further for power generating turbines. It is assumed, that the amount of the energy produced will be sufficient for the supply of 49000 households.

Initially, Peel Environmental planned to include into the complex an installation for biological conversion of organic wastes into biogas in the presence of natural bacteria, however, later in time it was excluded from the documentation, submitted to the Council.

The exact terms of building and operational commissioning of the enterprise are still unknown. However, the management of the enterprise informed that they were ready to create 200 part-time working places for the period of building and up to 25 permanent places. The total amount of investments constitutes 65 million pounds.

The details concerning the supply of the complex with raw material remain unknown, it is evident, only that wood wastes will be supplied by the local entrepreneurs. This fact will create additional opportunities for local business.

The Development Manager of Peel Environmental Jane Gaston claims that this decision gives the second chance to the former coal mine, which was one of the major employers in the region and the center of national energу. Fortunately, while making a decision the District Council took into consideration all these facts, testifying that the realization of the project will not only ensure a new energy source, and will also give an impulse to the economic development of the district. Thus, the building of this center for the introduction of alternative energy sources will become a catalyst for the process of reclamation of the surrounding areas and will attract new foreign investments.

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-peel-environmental-137.html

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