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Sustainable bioenergy research consortium at Masdar Institute

Fri-12-2015 Sustainable bioenergy research consortium at Masdar Institute

A pilot project started on Thursday at Masdar, with organisers breaking ground on a two-hectare plot. The ecosystem will begin a three-year testing period. Afterwards, 200 hectares will be used for production, leading to farms of 10,000 and 20,000 hectares. Two hundred hectares will produce enough fuel [to fly] from Abu Dhabi to London and back, but thats nothing, there are four flights like that every day, said Dr Alejandro Rios, director of the sustainable bioenergy research consortium at Masdar Institute.

sustainable bioenergy research consortium at Masdar Institute

To mirror ocean tides, researchers will use a levy system on a water basin growing mangroves that will filter the carbon dioxide byproduct produced by the plants. We are mimicking whats happening in nature, because mangroves are underwater half the time and without water the other half, he said. With approximately 97 per cent of the worlds water coming from the oceans, that component is readily available. We are not using fresh water, we are using one of the most abundant resources in the UAE, ocean water, he said. Were talking about food security because we are producing food and fuel. Dr Rios also pointed to statistics that show the importance of the project.

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-sustainable-bioenergy-research-consortiu-52.html

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