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wood briquettes Pini Kay

We have a pleasure to offer you for sale fire-wood briquettes made of dry wood residues of hard types of trees (oak-tree, ash-tree, hornbeam etc.)

The principal parameters and characteristics of briquettes are
1. Dimensions in mm are 50#50#320-340
2. Briquette density in g/cm3 is 1,1 - 1,3
3. Humidity, % is 8-10
4. Ash level, % is up to 1
5. Heat Irradiation in kKal/kg is 3500-4500

The briquettes are packed in 12 items each, than they are stacked on the pallets, size 800 mm #1200 mm. One pack - 10 kg. One pallet can contain 920 kg of briquettes.

Price 110 euro/ton - FCA - Vinnitsa (Ukraine).

The briquettes stacked on the pallets and fixed with a baling band. About 21-22 tons of briquettes can be packed on a truck. At the moment we produce about 120-150 tons of briquettes per month. The briquettes of PiniKay category, made only from oak sawdust.


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Submitted: Sun-20-2008 Updated: Sun-20-2008 Views: 7978

Photo - wood briquettes Pini Kay

wood briquettes Pini Kay
wood briquettes Pini Kay
- wood briquettes Pini Kay

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