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Wood briquettes Pini Kay oak Ukraine

We offer wood briquets (oak)
960kg in 96 packages on pallet, each package weighs 10kg.
With our Pini Kay wooden briquettes, the fireplace remains clean as little ash remains. Intensive heat emission ensures fast heating of your home. No vermin, little ash, long burning time and low storage space for comfort at winter time.
100% oak (without binding agent and no additives);
Water content: 7, 3-7, 8%;
Ash: 0.8-2.00%;
Sulfur content: 0.1%;
Calorific value: 4700 kcal / kg;
Flammbild: very intense;
Weight density: 1, 36 g / m3;
The average weight of briquettes: 0, 812 kg .;
Length: 23 cm;
Briket diameter: 63 mm. ;
Country of origin: Ukraine;
10 kg bundle (12 pini kay);
Pallets 96 x packs of 10 kg = total weight 960 kg;
Price without delivery 77 Euro (960 kg).

Contry: Ukraine
City: Romanow
Languages: English, Russian

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Submitted: Mon-27-2017 Updated: Thu-06-2017 Views: 838

Photo - Wood briquettes Pini Kay oak

 Romanow - Wood briquettes Pini Kay oak

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