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Energy saving tips for the industrial sector


Energy saving

In the world of modern technology energy plays an important role in every sphere of life. Electricity, heat energy and other forms of energy are integral parts of our existence. Nowadays energy has a great influence on our lives in the form of many applications and technologies, so it is very important to save the energy and make it useful for the future.

Energy saving

Many of the high-energy-use items of equipment are used across a range of industries. For example, motors and drives, refrigerators, lighting and air compressors. It is interesting that many industries use the majority of their energy directly to manufacture a product, as opposed to heating or lighting. In spite of growing energy efficiency in the industrial sector over the last years, the total energy consumption by industry increased by 61% between 1971 and 2005.Taking into account such speed of energy utilization it is very difficult to say about the usage of energy in the future.

Industrial Energy saving


Problem of energy saving in the industrial sector

Energy saving

It is noteworthy to mention that saving the energy in the field of industry is the most important issue today, as industry takes a complete responsibility of economic issues. Moreover, it is known that the industrial sector uses more energy than any other sectors and every year it consumes about 37% of the world's total delivered energy.

Also it should be mentioned that energy prices have increased at an alarming rate. Many organizations are looking for the ways to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and save on overall utility costs. What is more, improved energy efficiency contributes positively to energy security and environmental protection and helps to achieve more sustainable economic development.

Energy saving opportunities in the industry

There are lots of energy saving tips developed by the science to reduce the consumption of the energy in industrial use and also save the energy from wastage and increase the efficiency of the yield.

Industrial energy savings

The first and the very important step to save the energy in the industrial sector is to insulate the whole building in order to prevent the heat loss. Replacing the lights with the fluorescent bulbs is also an important step to save energy in the industry. Fluorescent bulbs are more efficient and reliable in comparison with the commonly used bulbs in the industry and they could reduce the electricity up to 80%. Another way how to save energy in the industrial sector is to change machineries or motors to the eco friendly technologies in order to change the fuel type which is used for consumption or different types of processes carried out in the industrial plants. Some kinds of distributed technologies are also use to reduce the need and the waste of the energy such as use of micro turbines, use of different types of fuel cells and photovoltaic cells etc.

Energy saving lighting Energy saving solar

So, industrial energy efficiency is one of the most important issues today, as the industrial sector needs more than third of the total energy delivered in the world. Whereas energy prices have been increasing over the last years, many manufacturers are looking for different ways to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and replace their machinery, lighting etc. to the environmental technologies such as biofuel, fluorescent bulbs and so on.

Author: Anna Shevchenko

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-energy-saving-tips-for-the-industrial-se-18.html

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