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40000 solar panels are to be installed in Wales

Tue-15-2015 40000 solar panels are to be installed in Wales

Project-developing company intends to install 40000 solar panels, which are to supply with electricity 2000 private households.

 Solar panels in Wales

The company's leadership has already made an inquiry to the local Council about permission to install the panels in the areas which are the part of the chemical plant British Petroleum's properties. This oil-refining company was founded in 1963 and was a part of Lendarsi complex. By 1968 the plant became one of the largest European oil-refining enterprises having 2500 employees. But the changes on the oil market led to contraction of manufacturing in the period from 1994 till 2004 and eventually to closing of the enterprise.

And now, on completing their project in Swansea University, St Modwen company comes up with a proposition to set up a solar park in this area with total capacity of 10 megawatt which is equivalent to amount of energy used by 2000 households. All the panels installed will be linked up to the National energy power supply net. A local electrical substation, 20-meter height connection tower, and safety system involving a fence and a hidden video surveillance system will be built here.

In their inquiry to the local Council, St Modwen company emphasized the fact, that the parcel of land mentioned was exhausted and useless for cultivation. In addition, the electrical network is situated nearby, which spares difficulties concerning creation of infrastructure needed for connection of the solar park to National electrical network. One more indisputable argument is the fact, that installation of solar panels won't be a distortion from the aesthetical point of view.

The district councilor Pol Greenway commented on the inquiry as following: "I don't consider this matter to be attractive, but it will be linked up to national networks and if we can help people, we are to accomplish this, despite the fact, that it will not be profitable neither for local inhabitants, nor for Wells citizens".

It should be mentioned, that in 2014 there were installed solar panels with total capacity of 2,5 gigawatt in Britain.

The capacity grows by 2 gigawatt is expected in the current year.

Source: http://ukrfuel.com/news-40000-solar-panels-are-to-be-installed-i-57.html

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